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Platters & Trays

Small Meat Platter (8-10 people)… $35.00With 2 packages of bread ….. $43.00Plus 2 lbs. of deli salads …… $50.00
Medium Meat Platter (10-15 people)… $55.00 With 3 packages of bread ……… $65.00Plus 5 lbs. of deli salads ……….. $85.00
Large Meat Platter (15-25 people) … $75.00 With 4 packages of bread ……. $87.00Plus 6 lbs. of deli salads …….. $115.00
Extra-Large Meat Platter (25-35 people) … $90.00 With 5 packages of bread ………… $105.00 Plus 8 lbs. of deli salads …………. $145.00
All meat platters are comprised of store cooked roast beef and Boars Head turkey, ham, salami and your choice of cheeses.*SUBSTITUTIONS CAN BE MADE*Choices:
Oven-Roasted, Smoked, Peppercorn, Honey-Maple, or Salsalito Turkey Breast.
Domestic, Virginia Baked, Black Forest, Tavern, Rosemary or Krakus Imported Ham. American, Imported Swiss, Sharp Cheddar Muenster, Pepper Jack or Provolone Cheese.Deli Salads:
Classic Red Potato, Classic Macaroni, Classic Cole Slaw, Classic 3 Bean Salad, Sesame Noodles & Cuke & Dill.
Condiments included with platter
 Sandwich Platters
Platters of arranged sandwiches can be made with Classic and/or Specialty sandwiches. $7.25 per sandwich/Specialty $8.00 per sandwich Check out our menu for choices.

**Finger sandwich platters available made of Tuna, Chicken, Egg and or Ham salad for $2.00 per sandwich on white or wheat rolls.

Veggie Platters 
Small Veggie Platter (5-10 people) $30.00
Medium Veggie Platter (10-15 people) $45.00
Large Veggie Platter (15-25 people) $60.00
Cheese Platters *Crackers from Carr’s, Urban Oven or Pepperidge Farm*
Small Cheese & Cracker Tray (5-10 people) $45.00
Medium Cheese & Cracker Tray (10-15 people) $60.00
Large Cheese & Cracker Tray (15-25 people) $75.00
Fruit Platters
Small Fruit and Dip Tray (5-10 people) $Varies Market price
Medium Fruit and Dip Tray (10-15 people) $Varies Market price
Large Fruit and Dip Tray (15-25 people) $Varies

Call for a quote!

Garden Salads:  Small mixed green salad in 9 x 11 in. pan $15.00. Large mixed green salad in 11 x 18 in pan $30.00

Includes cucumbers, carrots, onions, peppers & tomatoes.

Dressing on the side.

Kielbasa Platter: BBQ’d Blue Seal Kielbasa served with sauce $50.00*Horseradish or cocktail sauce*
Chicken Wing Platter5 lbs. of chicken wings served BBQ’d. Teriyaki’d or Buffalo’d $55.00